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Telemann: Fantasias for Harpsichord, TWV 33:1-36


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A performing edition of Telemann's thirty-six keyboard fantasias

Georg Philipp Telemann age twelve wrote an opera: Sigismundus. This so concerned his mother that she confiscated his musical instruments and made him study jurisprudence. She wanted him to be something respectable, not a 'boatman, tightrope walker, fiddler, or marmot tamer' (1740 autobiography).

Telemann did his best to comply and in 1701 decided to enroll in the law school at Leipzig University. However, he discovered some instruments in a fellow-student's room and from that moment devoted himself exclusively to music.

Telemann composed a vast body of work and made a lot of money, some of it from self-publishing. He was friends with Handel and J.S. Bach, and godfather to one of the latter's sons, Carl Philipp Emanuel.

In Hamburg in 1732-3 Telemann published three books of fantasias for harpsichord (TWV 33:1-36). The first and third books are in the Italian style, the second in the French. They are early Rococo miniatures, with light, clear-textured writing. Each book contains twelve fantasias.

The pieces are not widely known and a good performing edition is difficult to obtain or expensive. This Brightcecilia edition is a re-engraving of the 1923 urtext publication edited by Max Seffert, now published as a Public Domain score by the IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library.

This is an ongoing project. As each fantasia is published an announce- ment will be made on the forums. They're free to download for Brightcecilia members.
25th September 2009

Telemann Harpsichord Fantasias TWV 33 - Free Scores

Fantasia 1
Fantasia 2
Fantasia 3
Fantasia 4
Fantasia 5
Fantasia 6
Fantasia 7
Fantasia 8
Fantasia 9
Fantasia 10
Fantasia 11
Fantasia 12

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