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I have called different sources about this. No, Decca will continue, as it seems. But the CLASSICAL branch? (quote:

There will be a tiny office maintained in London for appearance sake
(s poweless manager and his secretary?), but the entire direction of
the classical company - I am not talking about the crossover, which
has been given to the Decca UK operating company - will reside in
Hamburg with DG. This is part of the reason the previous manager
jumped ship to Sony last week; the writing was on the wall, as they
say. The Decca Record Company Limited, as we have known it for
decades, based in Chiswick, producing an endless stream of with a
staff of 40 talented and knowledgeable people, is history.

Philips will dissapear completely. They were on a low level anyway, but universal lost the right to use the name. By july 2009, al stocks MUST have been sold. I'm curious were they will dump it....


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